History of the German language

History of the German language

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Since the Middle Ages the German language has been known as a languageand it has become one of the most widely used languages ​​today, especially on the European continent where it is widely used in the technological part.

Large companies in this country such as Siemens, as well as others that produce devices related to the health issue, They are handled in English and GermanThis is why many professionals approach this language to be able to practice, understand what is needed and be able to function even better, since each language is an open door towards being a better professional and person.

Since when is German known?

In the sixteenth century, the first data on German began to be known, being a very basic language in terms of vocabulary and grammar, so there is not much that is documented about it.

A distinction was created in the language, dividing into High German and Low German, so that the difference in pronunciation is noted, as well as changes in the dialect part.

Modern German emerges in the 20th century, in part to make the dialects he had until then disappear.

Already in the last decade there have been very few changes with respect to German and that is what has allowed the existence of a German course anywhere in the world, also introducing technology in learning.

Despite all these news dialects continue to emerge in some towns in the country, and many emigrants have tried not to disappear, teaching them so that it continues to be in the new generations. That is why the story shows a very broad language but a very poor quality documentation of it.

Why learn German?

The history and life that many of us lead today has shown us that the more languages ​​we know, the more work and professional opportunities we could have. It is like carving a path that works for any emergency that may arise along the way.

For this reason, platforms such as Preply what allow anyone to learn these languages ​​at low cost, developing a material of very good quality so that they have what is necessary to function normally, either in a professional environment or in a personal environment, being a tool to improve themselves as a person.

There are many resources regarding learning German that will make this easy, so we shouldn't be discouraged when we see some impediments or moments where we get stuck in the learning process.

Everything that we manage to absorb in terms of languages ​​is a great profit that gives us an opportunity for growth in every way and we must not let it go, this being one of the most influential languages ​​in the world, even more so in Europe where there is a truly impressive multiculturalism so that we fall in love with more emphasis on German language.

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