Dinosaurs: Allosaurus, the "different" super predator

Dinosaurs: Allosaurus, the

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Allosaurus file

Translation: Strange lizard or "different lizard"
Also known as: Antrodemus, Creosaurus
Description: Carnivore, bipedal
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Infraorder: Tetanurae
Microorder: Carnosauria
Family: Allosauridae
Height: 5.2 meters
Length: 12.2 meters
Weight: 1,814 kg
Period: Jurassic late

The Allosaurus is one of the best known carnosaurs and its name, which means "different lizard", refers to its unique concave vertebrae (at the time of its discovery).

Sixty skeletons, from young to adult, were found at a single site in Utah, and it is likely that the Allosaurus was the most common carnosaur of the Upper Jurassic. These were discovered in 1877 by paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh.

Characteristics of the Allosaurus

The Allosaurus it was a large bipedal predator. Its skull was large and equipped with dozens of sharp, serrated teeth.

Their average length was 8.5 meters, although fragmentary remains that have been found show that could have reached 12 meters.

Relative to the hind limbs, which were large and powerful, its three-fingered forelimbs were small, similar to the Tyrannosaurus rex, obtaining balance thanks to its long and muscular tail.

Its most distinctive feature is the presence of two short horns, above and in front of each eye.

As the largest and most abundant predator in the Morrison Formation area (Colorado, USA), the Allosaurus is considered a super predator being at the top of the food chain, probably feeding on other large herbivorous dinosaurs and even other predators.

How did the Allosaurus hunt?

Some paleontologists believe that the Allosaurus had a cooperative social behavior, for which he hunted in herds. On the other hand, other specialists believe that these dinosaurs could have been aggressive towards each other, and that the herds would only cause them to feed on their own bodies.

Because it had a much weaker bite force, and a much wider mouth than other large carnivores, it is very likely that the Allosaurus ambushed its prey, using his upper jaw like an ax.

Despite its size, it is believed that the Allosaurus was a swift hunter, running with a 3.7 meter long stride at a speed of up to 32 km / h.

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