Putin was a secret agent of the Stasi, the secret services of East Germany

Putin was a secret agent of the Stasi, the secret services of East Germany

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The German newspaper Bild published in its edition yesterday, the photo of the card that accredited the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as an agent of the East German secret services, known as Stasi by its initials in German (Staatssicherheit).

The card, signed by Putin, was issued on December 31, 1985, being renewed uninterruptedly until late 1989.

At that time, Putin was in the German city of Dresden, participating as an officer of the Soviet secret services, the KGB, although until now it was not known that he had a Stasi card in his possession.

Konrad Felber, Director of the Stasi Archive, explained that the card allowed him to enter the Stasi premises without inconvenience and recruiting reports without identifying yourself as a KGB agent.

This document, Felber explained, was archived until now, without anyone noticing it.

He added that “The document was found when members of the archive searched, at the request of the press, for information on Stasi cadres and training in Dresden. Putin's name was not in the files on the delivery of documents to the Soviet military”.

Vladimir Putin lived in Dresden since August 1985, and even his second daughter, Katerina, was born in that city in 1986.

The Kremlin declared what "does not exclude that the secret services of East Germany and the Soviet Union had exchanged ID cards”.

The spokesman for the Russian presidency, Dmitri Peskov, explained when asked about the photograph published in Bild that “In Soviet times, the KGB and the Stasi were partner services, so an exchange of ID cards cannot be excluded.”.

He also noted that for information on this particular case, it was best to request it from the SVR (Foreign Espionage Service), who they have declined to comment according to the Russian agency RIA-Nóvosti.

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