Slavic mythology: the god Dažbog

Slavic mythology: the god Dažbog

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Dabog (Dažbog) was one of the main gods of Slavic mythology, most likely a solar deity and possibly a culture hero.

It's one of the various authentic Slavic gods, mentioned in several medieval writings and one of the few Slavic gods for whom evidence of worship can be found in all Slavic nations.

Dažbog is mentioned in the "First Slavic Chronicle"Or"Chronicle of Nestor”(The stories of past years in Russian), the history of the first East Slavic state, the Kiev Rus, between 850 and 1110, written in Old East Slavic in Kiev in the year 1113.

In it he appears as one of the seven gods whose statues the Prince Vladimir the Great in front of his palace in Kiev in 980, when he assumed the throne.

Dažbog's name is also mentioned in the "Codex of Hipacio", the most important source of historical data for the southern part of ancient Kiev Rus; and in the "Song of Igor's Hosts”, An anonymous work of East Slavic literature dealing with the unsuccessful attack by Prince Igor Sviatoslavich against the Polovtsians or Cumans of the Lower Don region in 1185.

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