Dinosaurs: Alvarezsaurus

Dinosaurs: Alvarezsaurus

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Alvarezsaurus file

Translation: Alvarez Lizard (Gregorio Alvarez)
Description: Carnivore, bipedal
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Infraorder: Tetanurae
Microorder: Alvarezsauria (from the microorder Coelurosauria)
Family: Alvarezsauridae
Height: 0.6 meters
Length: 1.4 meters
Weight: 3 kg
Period: Upper Cretaceous

Discovered in Neuquén, Argentina, the Alvarezsaurus remains they did not include his skull and forelimbs. It was a small, slightly built animal with long legs, suggesting that it could run quickly.

A strange feature of this genre is the lack of spines on the neck vertebrae.

Some scientists believe that the Alvarezsaurus is related to the Mongolian mononychus.

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