What is the main religion of each country in America?

What is the main religion of each country in America?

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We leave you a list with the main religion of each country in America, arranged alphabetically, where Catholicism is considered directly, as the religion of the continent.

  1. Old and bearded: Protestantism (76.4%).
  2. Argentina: Catholicism (92%).
  3. Bahamas: Protestantism (69.9%).
  4. Barbados: Protestantism (66.3%).
  5. Belize: Catholicism (39.3%).
  6. Bolivia: Catholicism (95%).
  7. Brazil: Catholicism (64.6%).
  8. Canada: Catholicism (40.5%).
  9. Chile: Catholicism (66.7%).
  10. Colombia: Catholicism (90%).
  11. Costa Rica: Catholicism (76.3%).
  12. Cuba: Catholicism (85%).
  13. Dominica: Catholicism (61.4%).
  14. Ecuador: Catholicism (95%).
  15. The Savior: Catholicism (57.1%).
  16. United States: Protestantism (51.3%).
  17. Pomegranate: Catholicism (53%).
  18. Guatemala: Catholicism (% unknown).
  19. Guyana: Protestantism (30.5%).
  20. Haiti: Catholicism (80%).
  21. Honduras: Catholicism (97%).
  22. Jamaica: Protestantism (64.8%).
  23. Mexico: Catholicism (82.7%).
  24. Nicaragua: Catholicism (58.5%).
  25. Panama: Catholicism (85%).
  26. Paraguay: Catholicism (89.6%).
  27. Peru: Catholicism (81.3%).
  28. Dominican Republic: Catholicism (95%).
  29. Saint Kitts and Nevis: Anglicanism (% unknown).
  30. St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Protestantism (75%). Anglicanism is the predominant one.
  31. St. Lucia: Catholicism (61.5%).
  32. Surinam: Hinduism (27.4%).
  33. Trinidad and Tobago: Protestantism (32.1%).
  34. Uruguay: Catholicism (47.1%).
  35. Venezuela: Catholicism (96%).

Source: CIA Library
Image: Stock Photos - Peter Hermes Furian on Shutterstock

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