Book ‘The Greatest New Biography of Victor Hugo’ by Bradley Stephens

Book ‘The Greatest New Biography of Victor Hugo’ by Bradley Stephens

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The book about Victor Hugo Released in February, it is the first major biography to be made in English in the past 20 years, on the life and work of the iconic 19th century French writer.

‘Victor Hugo’ is written by Dr. Bradley Stephens from the Department of French at the University of Bristol and will be published by Reaktion Books within his series'Critical Lives‘(‘ Beautifully produced biographies ’, according to the Times Literary Supplement), and is addressed to a general audience

Famous all over the world for his novels'Les Misérables' Y 'Notre-Dame de Paris', Better known as' The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Victor hugo is a national icon in France and his work remains as popular in the 21st century as it was in his lifetime.

The BBC is currently showing its new adaptation of 'Les Misérables‘, The musical show is on tour around the world, and both Netflix and Disney have recently announced a new version of the famous film“The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘.

The new biography provides a concise but comprehensive study of the enormous work of Victor Hugo even in the context of his personal life.

Stephens, the author, explained that: “The man behind these beloved stories has his own fascinating story, one that is not widely known outside of France and one that is prone to cliches within his home country.

“Victor Hugo achieved great success not only as a novelist but also as a poet and playwright. He was also elected to both houses of the French Parliament and was the first French writer to receive a state funeral, attended by 2 million people in Paris, drawing the attention of the whole world.

“Whether it led French romantics against artistic tradition, or defied the Second Empire of France in exile, it became synonymous with the progressive ideals of the 19th century, including an end to poverty, slavery and the penalty of death.

His moral principles were shaped by his private life, in which he struggled with his personal tragedies and the pressures of fame, while being drawn into the turmoil of his century. These twists of fate stirred his passion for freedom, which he channeled into his writing (inspiring Tolstoy and Verdi, to name a few) and other media such as drawing, which Van Gogh himself described as "astonishing."

"Importantly, Victor Hugo's rebellious character and vibrant imagination also suggest that he was too restless to sit comfortably on the pedestal of literary greatness."

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