The eSports that will make history in 2019

The eSports that will make history in 2019

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The eSports industry It is getting bigger and bigger and for that reason companies are betting on games that can be successful in this sector.

In this way, the competitiveness between companies grows by leaps and bounds and few titles are famous enough to stay on the market. Even so, companies cannot be trusted, as there is always the possibility that a new “Fortnite"That eclipse more recognized titles.

This year it is expected that Overwatch, FIFA, LOL Y Dota 2 Stand out above the rest but will have powerful opponents.

Overwatch's appeal

In recent years, Blizzard's title has established itself as one of the most relevant in the world of eSports. His charismatic characters, such as the ruthless assassin Windowmaker or the creative gorilla Winston, have quickly gained favor with the public.

There are several types of games and maps, so depending on which ones are chosen, more players of one type or another will be needed. In professional tournaments, participants can specialize in a specific position or be "flex" and occupy different positions on the battlefield.

Last year the first edition of the Overwatch League was played and, despite the fact that the most skeptics raised a bleak outlook, the truth is that it obtained excellent results. So much so that the second one will start very soon.

On February 15, the first match started, and after four qualifying phases we will reach the exciting finals. After the league, the Overwatch World Cup can be enjoyed, although the dates have not yet been announced.

Europe, headquarters of LoL

With the motto "become legends", League of Legends is a game of strategy and action ideal for both those who prefer to play alone and for fans of cooperative games. This year the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), which will bring together the best players in the world in Europe, which is why international bookmakers such as Betway offers multiple betting markets for this competition.

There we will also find games like Rainbow 6, the famous multiplayer shooter, or StarCraft 2, the classic of strategy.

Other battle games like Dota 2 will also be in the spotlight next year, as well as such well-known titles as FIFA, the football game par excellence, or the praised Fornite. Among the most unknown candidates who could succeed, Apex legends Epic Games stands out from the competition, especially after having doubled the audience on Twitch, according to The Esports Observer.

ESports as a show

Professional video game competitions are no longer a small market niche but they move millions of dollars. According to Europa Press, 386 million viewers were reached throughout 2017. The audience enjoys the games in the same way that a fan watches a football match.

Part of this phenomenon has to do with the beautiful graphics of the titles, in which you can see real settings, like Egypt on the "Temple of Anubis" map of Overwatch.

The inclusion of real or even historical scenarios in video games is not something new, since we can observe it in successful titles such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey where they recreate ancient Greece, or Stronghold Crusader 2, a game set in the crusades. In this way, players can choose between moving to another era or feeling like they are traveling around the world through games.

Beyond the visual appeal, viewers are also fond of championship teams thanks to their talent and charisma. Most of the professional players have social networks to communicate with their fans and perform live for them on platforms such as YouTube.

In this way, they manage to form a community that encourages them game after game. This interaction leads fans to buy more items from their favorite teams and turn to competitions to meet their idols.

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