3D reconstruction of the Roman amphitheater in Catania (video)

3D reconstruction of the Roman amphitheater in Catania (video)

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The study carried out by IBAM CNR has made it possible to three-dimensional virtual model of the Roman amphitheater of Catania, making known and rediscovering the symbol of the ancient past of the city.

The investigation focused on the most monumental architectural phase, located between the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

Video 3D reconstruction of the Roman amphitheater of Catania:

The video was made by Catania Living Lab, the first experimental laboratory for the improvement and communication of cultural heritage, with the aim of being a link between administrations, companies, tourists and citizens, guaranteeing cultural promotion and dissemination thanks to new multimedia media.

Image: Stock Photos - By Romas_Photo at Shutterstock.

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Video: Ancient Rome Reborn thanks to virtual reality


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