Comics from the Prado Museum, a comic by Sento

Comics from the Prado Museum, a comic by Sento

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As part of the celebration of its Bicentennial, the Prado Museum post a comic that tells the daily stories of this institution -Y some extraordinary event- with a dose of emotion and tenderness.

With this fourth title, the Prado Museum consolidates its editorial line of comics after Max's Enchanted Triptych, Altarriba's El perdón y la furia and Keko and Montesol's Idilio.

East sento comic, based on an idea by José Manuel Matilla, head of Conservation of Drawings and Prints and responsible for the editorial line of comics at the Prado Museum, is published with reason for the Bicentennial of the Prado to tell some of the anecdotes that the institution has starred in in its 200-year history and that have not always reached the public.

The comic, what gathers seven stories, begins with the fiction of Goya's visit on the first opening day and continues with real stories about the visitors, the guards, the restorers, the curators, the directors, the official visits, the press and the exhibitions.

A book that will bring the reader closer to the close bond that has been forged between the works of art that the Prado houses and the professionals who have the privilege of working in direct contact with them.

A connection that has transcended this area and reaches its visitors alike, who feel this bicentennial institution is their own.

From the hand of Etelvino Gayangós -perpetual concierge of this museum and interlocutor of painters, workers and visitors-, its 99 color pages narrate a different vision from that offered in official accounts, but no less real, and based on documented facts as the history of the theft of pieces from the Dolphin Treasure that, a hundred years ago, put the "crime lab" of the time to the test; the fake news of which the Museum was the object in the XIX century —A terrifying fire in its rooms— that helped rescue it from governmental oblivion; the bomb that fell near the institution in the Civil War and that, kept for decades by an individual, today is part of their catalog; wave story of the anonymous visitor who for years kept the postcards as a souvenir of his visit.

Images credit: Prado Museum.
Via NdP Museo del Prado.

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