Dinosaurs: Barosaurus, the heavy lizard

Dinosaurs: Barosaurus, the heavy lizard

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Barosaurus Profile

Translation: Heavy lizard
Description: Herbivore, quadruped
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Sauropodomorpha
Infraorder: Sauropoda
Family: Diplodocidae
Height: 12.2 meters
Length: 24.1 meters
Weight: 22,680 kg
Period: Late jurassic

The Barosaurus is a relatively rare sauropod. The first dinosaur of this type was found in the Black Hills, South Dakota. However, their remains have also been found in East Africa, suggesting the connection of the modern African and North American continents. during the late Jurassic times.

The Barosaurus' neck was over 30 feet long, longer than its closest relative, the giant blue-tailed Diplodocus., but its tail was shorter and its hind limbs more robust.

Gastrolitos in the Barosaurus

Many gastroliths were discovered among the bones, indicating that at least some dinosaurs swallowed stones to grind the food they ate.

The gastrolites are rounded stones that are or have been contained within an animal's digestive tract to aid in the grinding of its food.

Currently they can be found in some herbivorous birds or crocodiles, among others.

Image: Stock Photos - by Catmando on Shutterstock

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