Vikings return to dominate popular culture in 2020

Vikings return to dominate popular culture in 2020

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Vikings return to video games in 2020

As previously announced here, the next Assassin's Creed It will be set in the Viking age, leaving very high expectations regarding the historical reconstruction and setting of the game.

According to the platform on-line IGN, a Assassin's Creed Vikings could close the circle of the franchise, since the Viking age spanned approximately from 793 to 1066 AD, so this time period perfectly covers the time arc between the stories that appeared in the franchise with the video game Assassin's Creed: Origins and the first title of this saga.

It is worth mentioning that Viking culture has been the source of inspiration for other games and stories of popular culture and an example of this appears in the context of online casinos, which in addition to offering classic games such as roulette, poker and blackjack, also have with hundreds of slots inspired by popular culture, such as the slot machine Thunderstruck which is available at Betway Casino and which is inspired by Viking history and mythology.

For their part, other successful digital games have also been inspired by the Nordic warriors, as they were The lost vikings by Interplay for Super Nintendo, or Viking: Battle for Asgard, from Sega for Xbox 360.

Vikings to conquer streaming platforms

On the side of series and documentaries, the incursion of the Netflix streaming platform into the world of the Vikings in their original series stands out, with the launch of a new series in 2020. The new Netflix production entitled Vikings: Valhalla continues to narrate the story featured in the 2013 hit series Vikings, which was produced by the History channel with outstanding adherence to historical veracity. This series that marked a reference regarding how the Vikings lived during the splendor of their culture is still available for streaming on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or the previously mentioned Netflix.

It is worth mentioning that for the next installment of this television franchise called Vikings: Valhalla, many of its protagonists actually existed, as in the case of Leif Erikson who was the first European to discover North America, Freydís Eiríksdóttir who was Erikson's sister, Harald Harada who was one of the most prominent kings of Norway, and even William the conqueror, who was the first Norman king of England and a descendant of Rollo Ragnvaldsson, one of the Vikings protagonists of the History Channel series.

Were the Vikings really how popular culture describes them?

Productions such as the television series Vikings and video games as the next installment in the franchise Assassin's Creed They have stood out for seeking to offer their audience a high level of veracity based on research on Viking life and culture. From studies carried out by experts from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and the University of York, in the United Kingdom, it has been proven that the Viking era began in Denmark from the trips made by these warriors between Norway and Ribe, the Danish town that is known as the oldest shopping center in this Nordic country.

Taking another reference, studies reveal important data about the Vikings, it has been made public that this culture, in addition to being known for the fierceness of its warriors, also included landowners, politicians, settlers, merchants, farmers and artisans.

From multiple studies and research on the subject, it can be confirmed that the famous 2013 series Vikings It is more faithful to history than we think, since it shows aspects such as the democratic organization of this culture and the autonomy that Viking women enjoyed, among other details such as the dark makeup used by the warriors around the eyes to protect them from the sun. Because of this, it is expected that both the sequel to the successful television series, as well as the next installment of the video game franchise, will take advantage of all the information available on Viking culture to conquer their audience in 2020.

2020 comes with a great offer for fans of Viking culture, with stories that increasingly resemble the reality of this explorer and warrior people.

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