Synopsis of ‘The Rise of Germany’, by James Holland

Synopsis of ‘The Rise of Germany’, by James Holland

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Synopsis of ‘The rise of Germany’

The WWII It is one of the most important conflicts in history, but for seven decades its account has been fixed by the works of the previous generation of historians, heavily marked by propaganda and the interpretation of the limited information available.

James holland, one of the leading experts on the history of World War II, has spent more than a decade exploring archives and memoirs, and has had access to official records that have not been studied until now.

In addition, he has visited countless battlefields and interviewed survivors, of whom he has obtained unpublished testimonies.

Thanks to their extensive research, Holland poses a new narrative of World War II in the West, questioning hypotheses and assumptions that have marked the historical interpretations of this contest, and that have shaped our world today.

Comments on ‘The rise of Germany’

Narrative history in its purest form. James Holland's success lies in his style and a genuinely new approach to events. Holland takes the time and space to combine his war narrative of troops and military movements with the necessary human approach. Skillfully weaves the experiences of refugees, civilians, and soldiers with those of loved ones and political elites without ever distracting us with empty sentimentality or out of place personal details. It is very difficult to achieve, but it is an exceptional achievement, and his work is an epic narrative.
Wall street journal

Impeccably documented and superbly written. Holland sheds light on a number of myths from the early years of World War II, and his fascinating saga offers a mix of exciting new studies and healthy revisionism of fallacies from the past. The next two volumes should not be missed.
The Guardian

James Holland is the best of the new generation of World War II historians. His epic new book raises compelling questions about numerous hypotheses that he has been working on for years, and sheds light on exciting new research.
Sebastian Faulks, historian

More on James Holland:

James holland You are part of the new generation of brilliant historians redefining what we know about the 20th century, in this case the WWII.

His style is powerful and narrative, in the line that Ático Historia has consolidated as one of the most solid and recognized history collections in the publishing scene.

Interest in war history and, in particular, by the WWII it never runs out, and is one of the areas that attracts the most readers.

This volume is the first part of a new history of the conflict, focusing on the rise of Germany.

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