Who was Aphrodite in Greek mythology? The Roman Venus

Who was Aphrodite in Greek mythology? The Roman Venus

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Aphrodite, Venus for the Romans, is the goddess of beauty, sensuality and love, and one of the 12 Olympian Deities.

Biography of Aphrodite

As explained Hesiod in the Theogony, it is called this way because it was born from foam ('aphro' means foam).

It emerged from the sea when the severed sexual organs of Uranus by Cronos fell into it. (where the Giants were also born).

Floating, she reached the island of Cyprus where she was received by the Hours, who took her to Olympus accompanied by Eros (the love Himeros (the loving desire).

Another version makes it daughter of Zeus and Dione, but it also arises from the waves of the sea near Cyprus.

How Aphrodite Urania, is the protector of legitimate unions, but as Aphrodite Pandemos It is a promoter of the sexual instinct.

Aphrodite and the Trojan War

At the wedding of Peleo and Tethys, Eris (the goddess of Discord) threw an apple with the inscription "for the most beautiful”, that Athena, Hera and Aphrodite disputed, with Paris being judge, who gave it to Aphrodite, which later would be the cause of the Trojan war.

Her husband was Hephaestus, deformed and lame, whom she cheated with Ares (God of War), having with him Deimos (the horror), Phobos (Fear) and Harmony.

Attached to Hermes had to Hermaphroditus, with Dionysus to Priapus, also having several children with mortals such as Aeneas, son of the Goddess and of Anchises.

Venus in Roman mythology

Aphrodite was assimilated to the Roman venus that primitively, she was a goddess of the fecundity of nature, linked to Flora already Feronia, that acted on animals, men and Gods.

Later she was considered Goddess of love and beauty.

As mother of Aeneas and lover of Mars, was the female trunk of the Roman people.

He helped Aeneas throughout his life and it was under his protection that he settled in Lazio.

She was adored as Venus Genetrix, Venus Urania and Venus Pandemos.

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