Who was Agamemnon? The leader in the Trojan War

Who was Agamemnon? The leader in the Trojan War

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Agamemnon was the son of Plisthenes and Aéropa, but together with his brother Menelaus, was raised by his uncle Atreo who gave him the throne of mycenae upon his death.

His uncle Tiestes usurped the throne, at which point he fled to Sparta where Tíndaro reigned, marrying his daughter, Clytemnestra, with whom he had as children Orestes, Iphigenia, Electra and Crisótemis.

Meanwhile, his brother Menelaus married Helena.

Supported by his father-in-law, regained the throne of Mycenae.

Agamemnon and the Trojan War

When Paris he kidnapped his sister-in-law Helena, assumed command of all the Greeks in the fight against Troy, in an effort to recover her.

Homer sings in the Iliad an episode of this war in which, Agamemnon, antagonized Achilles for the slave Briseida.

At the beginning of the expedition and being all prepared, he must sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to achieve favorable winds for having offended Sagebrush (although the Goddess saves her).

Once conquered Troy, Agamemnon gets the fortune teller Cassandra as part of the booty, with whom he has two children Pélope and Teledamo.

She begs him not to return to Mycenae, but is not heard and when she returns were killed by Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.

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