Cold War-era submarine found in Hawaii

Cold War-era submarine found in Hawaii

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A team of explorers recently discovered the remains of a United States Navy submarine that was shipwrecked more than half a century ago during the cold war in the depths of the Pacific, near the coast of the island of Oahu (Hawaii).

The shipwreck identified as the USS Stickleback SS-415 submarine It was found at a depth of 3,300 meters by researchers from the private organization Lost Project 52, who reported their discovery last week in a statement.

According to historical records, the ship sank on May 28, 1958, after accidentally colliding with the US Navy ship USS Silverstein.

Both vessels were conducting antisubmarine warfare exercises at the time of the incident.

The stickleback crew managed to escape to ships that were nearby at that time so they all managed to survive.

However, the submarine did not run to the same fate, despite the fact that warships tried to keep it afloat by passing cables under its hull, the ship filled with water and ended up sinking after several hours.

The submarine was split in half

The wreck search was initially carried out by an autonomous underwater vehicle equipped with a sonar equipment to scan the seabed.

The scans performed by the explorers revealed that now the ship is split in half, with its bow and stern sections separated almost 300 meters apart.

A 3d rendering of the submarine constructed from multiple photographs shows that the ship is in good condition, probably due to being at great depth.

"You can read the name, the numbers on the hulls, that's obvious: this kind of preservation in shallow waters would not be possible," said the director of underwater archeology at Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC), Robert Neyland to Live Science.

The Stickleback It is the third submarine discovered to date of the four US Navy submarines lost since the end of WWII.

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