They discover the remains of more than 100 children with coins in their mouths in a mass grave from the 16th and 17th centuries

They discover the remains of more than 100 children with coins in their mouths in a mass grave from the 16th and 17th centuries

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A team of archaeologists discovered in southeastern Poland a mass grave, dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, with theremains of more than 100 children, some with coins in their mouths, which confirmed local legends about a children's cemetery, the Jezowe Township Cultural Center recently reported on its Facebook account.

The discovery, of a total of115 corpses, It was made during the construction of a highway near the city of Nisko. "Based on archaeological observations to date, we can conclude that about 70–80% of all bodies are children," specialists from the Directorate General of National Roads and Highways told The First News.

When archaeologists began to study the bodies, they discovered that some of them hadcoins in mouth - issued between 1587 and 1632 - which is "a sign of their beliefs," which date back to ancient Greece and Rome, explained Katarzyna Oleszek, one of the participants in the excavations. "The coins are called 'obols of the dead' or 'Obols of Charon.' It is an ancientpre-christian tradition, which, however, has been maintained for a long time, even in the nineteenth century, it was practiced by Pope Pius IX, "he added.

The arrangement of the skeletons and the state of their conservation allowed scientists to conclude thatthe grave belonged to a catholic church. “According to sources, during a visit by the bishops of Krakow to Jezowe in 1604 there was already a large parish church, with a garden, a rectory, a school and a cemetery. It probably already existed since 1590, ”Oleszek emphasized.

The bodies will be exhumed, and after being studied by anthropologists, returned to the parish church and buried in the local cemetery.

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