How can you play online roulette?

How can you play online roulette?

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The Internet has evolved in many ways over the years especially in the world of games and entertainment, this has made possible the introduction of online casino games.

But it is the game of online roulette that has the greatest realism compared to gambling houses.

With more than 300 years of existence in physical casinos, playing it online does not vary with offline.

The same rules and the same game mechanism are followed, where in a roulette a small ball is rolled until it stops at a certain number, and online games follow strict rules in all countries so that its realization is legal.

The roulette

The vast majority of American casinos use the Double zero roulette, which consists of a wheel with boxes numbered from 1 to 36, plus the numbers 0 and 00, thus making a total of 38 numbered boxes.

In Europe for his part, a wheel with a single 0 is generally used, being one of the most popular casino games.


Generally roulette, whether online or in a physical casino, has 6 seats, where each player usually has different colored chips that they acquire at the same table, which allow them to be differentiated by the Croupier.

Each table sets its minimum games, and the Croupier is the one who exchanges the chips that each user has for those of the desired value.

In the case of online roulette, this is easier to do by being able to play directly with the balance we have, making the operation much easier.

Types of game in roulette

All games in Roulette must be played before the Croupier indicates that the time for placing the chips has expired and that he will proceed to spin the roulette wheel. At that time, you can select the following types of game:


  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • Missing (1 to 18) or Pass (19 to 36)


Full: It is done on a certain number (35 to 1).

Horse (or Cleft): The game is played on the line that separates two numbers (17 to 1).

Columns: They are done in any of the 3 columns that are available on the board (2 to 1)

Dozens: It is done by playing through one of the three boxes with dozens of numbers: from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 24 to 36 (2 to 1).

Square (or corner): It is done on an area that coincides with 4 numbers (8 to 1).

Transversal or Street: It is done to three adjacent numbers that are located in the same row, and are selected from left to right (11 to 1).

Play on the line between two fairways: This allows you to cover a double fairway (5 to 1).


Neighbors: When four numbers are performed next to a certain number on roulette. The neighbors of the number 2, for example, would be 4, 21, 25 and 17.

Neighbors of 0 (The Great Series): The 17 numbers close to the number 0 are covered here.

Play with Zero: Similar to the previous one, but only the 7 numbers closest to the number 0 are covered here.

Third of the Cylinder: Here the game is played on the 12 numbers opposite to "Neighbors of 0"

Orphans: There are a total of eight numbers that are not included in the previous combinations (1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 17, 34 and 6) and that's where their name comes from.

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