An exceptional Roman-era vase found in a tomb in France

An exceptional Roman-era vase found in a tomb in France

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The discovery took place when specialists excavated 230 graves in a large necropolis.

The French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research discovered in Autun (France) an "exceptional" vase from the late Roman period during excavations in an ancient tomb.

This ‘Roman glass’ vase, dating from the 4th century, measures almost 12 centimeters high and 16 centimeters in diameter. The glass is adorned with a message in Latin "Vivas feliciter" (live happily, in Spanish). "It is the first complete specimen discovered to date in Gaul," said archaeologist Michel Kasprzyk.

It is the first find of a Roman glass vase since the 70s, when another was discovered in the territory of present-day North Macedonia. In total only ten vases have been found to date.

The specialists made this finding while excavating 230 graves in a large necropolis. The exploration took place from June to mid-September on a 1,300-square-meter plot.

Apart from the vase, archaeologists discovered jewelry, coins and textiles.

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