Germantown SlpW-939 - History

Germantown SlpW-939 - History

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A town in Pennsylvania, now a residential section of Philadelphia, and the scene of the Revolutionary War battle 4 October 1777 between General Washington's troops and the British under Sir William Howe.

(SlpW: t. 939, 1. 150'00" (bp.); b. 36'00" (md.), dph.
16'8"; s. 11 k.; cpl. 210; a. 4 8", 18 32-pdrs. )

Germantown, a sloop-of-war, was launched at the Philadelphia Navy Yard 22 August 1846; sponsored by Miss Lavinia Fanning Watson; because of damaging ice, transferred 18 December to Norfolk Navy Yard for fitting out and commissioned 9 March 1847, Comdr. Franklin Buchanan in command.

Germantown departed Norfolk 15 March for service during the Mexican War with Commodore M. C. Perry's Home Squadron. Reaching Sacrificios Island 1 April, she stood off Alvarado the following day when that town surrendered "without firing a gun." She then sailed with the squadron to Tuxpan, which Perry described as the "only fortified place of importance situated on the gulf coast not in our possession." With the landing force of seamen and marines her detachment crossed the bar 18 April and successfully stormed the Mexican fortifications. As "a point of honor as well as duty," they reclaimed guns and ordnance stores, seized by the enemy from the wrecked brig Truxtun.

After cruising the coast of Lobos Island, Germantown furnished 130 men to assist in the second expedition against Tobasco. Between 13 and 16 June the force under Commodore Perry razed the defenses and occupied the town. During the next 6 months she cruised the Mexican coast from Vera Cruz to Tuxpan, blockading Mexican ports on the Gulf Coast; and between 9 August and 10 November she served as Commodore Perry's flagship. Returning to Sacrificios Island 8 January 1848, she took on board the remains of gallant American dead and departed for the United States 15 January. Steaming via Havana Cuba she arrived Norfolk 16 February and decommissioned for repairs 25 February.

Germantown recommissioned 8 April, Comdr. Charles Lowndes in command. Departing Norfolk 25 April, she returned to Vera Cruz 19 May to again serve with Commodore Perry's Home Squadron. While off Laguna de Terminos 3 June, she received news of the ratification of the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo. She returned to Yera Cruz 9 July, and, after receiving government dispatches, she departed Punta de Anton Lizardo 29 August and sailed to Pensacola, Fla., where she arrived 12 September.

Departing 1 October,Germantown sailed to the West Indies and arrived on station at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 28 October. She actively cruised off the Virgin Islands until 30 June 1849 when she sailed for the United States. After touching at Key West and Norfolk, she resumed her station off St. Thomas 10 February 1850 and protected American commerce until again ordered to the United States 8 August. She reached New York 11 September and decommissioned 21 September.

Recommissioned 23 December, Comdr. J. D. Knight in command, Germantown was assigned as flagship of Commodore E. A. E`. Lavallette's African Squadron 10 January 1851. She departed 12 April; sailed via the Madeira Island~ to the Cape Verde Islands, and arrived Porto Praya 14 May to relieve sloop-of-war Plymouth. Operating out of Porto Praya with sloops Dale and John Adams and brigs Perral and Porpoise, she spent almost the next 2 years cruising the South Atlantic to St. Helena Island and along the African coast from Cape Mesurado to Loando Portuguese West Africa During this time the squadron "rendered aid to our countrymen, gave protection to our commerce and security to the emigrants and missionaries located on the coast, and as far as practicable," reported Commodore Lavallette, "checked the slave traders in their abominable traffic." On 8 February 1853 she seized the American schooner Rachel P. Brown and sent the suspected slave ship to Norfolk. Relieved on station by famed frigate Constitution, she departed Porto Praya 4 March; during her homeward voyage, she collected data for Lt. M. F. Maury's world-wide wind and current survey. She reached Boston 30 March and decommissioned 9 April.

Germantown recommissioned 23 November, Comdr. W. Lynch in command, and sailed 3 December for service in Commodore W. Salter's Brazil Squadron. Arriving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16 January 1854, she joined frigate Savannah, brig Bainbrige, and storeship Relief and cruised the South Atlantic from Bahia, Brazil, to Buenos Aires, Argentina. During much of 1865 she maintained station off Montevideo, Uruguay, where political disturbances and revolutionary activities threatened the lives and property of foreign nationals. Comdr. Lynch sent a Marine detachment ashore 28 August to protect American interests during an insurrection 3 months later a landing party of sailors and marines under Lt. S. Nicholson assisted forces from ships of three other nations in guarding consulates and the customhouse. After completing duty with the Brazil Squadron, she departed Bahia 8 January 1857; reached Hampton Roads 9 February, and decommissioned 3 days later.

Germantown again recommissioned 15 July, Comdr. R. L. Page in command, for duty in the Far East. Departing Norfolk 4 August, she sailed via the Cape of Good Hope to Ceylon, where in 22 December she joined Flag Officer Josiah Tattnall's East India Squadron off Point de Gala. For 2 years she cruised Far Eastern waters and visited the principal ports of China and Japan, where she found "uniform friendly reception" as the squadron guarded American interests in the Orient. Sailing via the Cape of Good Hope, she returned to Norfolk in April 1860 and decommissioned the 18th.

Completely equipped for sea and awaiting a crew, Germantown was scuttled at Gosport Navy Yard 20 April 1861 as Union forces evacuated Norfolk. The Confederates raised her in June; fitted her out as a flating battery to serve near Craney Island for the protection of Norfolk; then sank her as an obstruction in the Elizabeth River shortly before evacuating Norfolk 10 May 1862. Raised by Union forces 22 April 1863, Germantown saw no further service. Her hulk was sold by auction at Norfolk February 1864.

Germantown SlpW-939 - History

The mottled wall is still the old white paint, the self-leveling floor is slightly uneven, and some pitted places are painted with putty, which is about the last time the decoration was done, but in most places, it is still only A mess of things piled up.

The big star Meng Xue, sitting in the middle of the room, his neck raised, his eyes looked at the ceiling of the skin.

How to describe her feelings at this time?

At the same time, the repression that does not call out the pleasure is what she must resist.

She is the big star Meng Xueyu, how can I call it out casually.

Meng Xue forced himself to sit up straight and straighten his back.

To be called out like the dancers, it is Meng Xue who absolutely does not allow himself to do it. Who knows if there are any reporters outside, no journalists, and now everyone is self-media, and the speed of friends and microblogs will only spread faster than the media.

However, the neck is really comfortable and comfortable.

Meng Xue has not remembered how long his neck has not been so comfortable.

Starting from the concert tour? More than that. Start shooting a movie? It will take longer. Is it the first variety show that belongs to you? That time was very interesting, and it was because of the variety show that did not have idols, so that Meng Xue evolved from "Songmei Dance" to "People and Dance God" and then to the National Star.

"Okay." Ling Ran looked at the completion of the task to 26380, it basically no longer rises, decisively announced the completion.

“Just a few minutes?” Meng Xue is somewhat dissatisfied, she is recalling the most interesting experience.

"It's enough." Ling Ran took up half of the alcohol gel, and thought about it, "You just don't have to paint so much on your neck."

The remaining alcohol gel can not disinfect a few cervical vertebrae. If you encounter a big hand, you will be able to use it two or three times.

Considering that the concert will last for several hours, it is like the 30% of the remaining power in the phone.

Meng Xue’s big, round eyes narrowed.

Meng Xueyu suddenly stood up.

Her long legs "啪" stepped on the stool, and instantly took out the shape of the mountain rain brother. Then, Meng Xue was habitually wanting to bow down to educate people.

"Hey, are you taller than me?" Meng Xue was a little surprised.

Her height is one-of-a-kind among women in the entertainment industry, and higher than most male stars.

Comparable to the height of Western models, it is also one of the keys to Meng Xue’s debut. She also got a lot of announcements about variety shows, which quickly made a name.

In the era when the idol figure became more and more delicate, Meng Xue stood in the middle of an idol with a high score and no shoes. It is difficult to be unnoticed.

After the easy passage of the newcomer period, other people want to stand up with Meng Xue, and they must measure the amount.

Ling Ran is even higher than Meng Xue.

When he was sitting on the massage, he still didn't show his height. Now that he stood up, he needed Meng Xue to look up.Meng Xue took an unnatural step back and looked at Ling Ran’s face and asked, “Are you really a doctor?”

The entertainment circle is the concentration of handsome men and women, Meng Xue often does not fake the color of the man who is self-proclaimed, but it can be said that it is so handsome and so high-looking eyes are so magnetic.

Meng Xue’s eyes returned to calmness, and he said: No matter what purpose he uses, no matter how he answers, he must be indifferent.

Ling Ran blinded Meng Xue and said: "Yes."

"I am going to play." Meng Xue wants to ask him where he is, but he feels that it is very weird to ask a man. He will ask Li Lei for a while, and for the first time, someone who is more difficult to chat than himself.

"Then I will go back first." Ling Ran some regret to look at Meng Xue's back and head, turned and left.

Meng Xue did not expect to be so determined, but some strange his last look, only silently watching Lingran leave.

The most regrettable thing is the task completion.

The time to relieve pain in different parts is a single calculation. For a big customer like Meng Xue, the massage can increase the pain relief time by nearly 1000 hours. It is just a human-shaped treasure chest.

In the sanatorium, Ling Ran took an hour to do the massage for a dozen old men, and it was lifted for about a thousand hours.

Ling Ran guessed that there may be two factors. One factor is that Meng Xue’s cervical vertebra health is worrying. On the other hand, she is younger. The muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and other tissues have good recovery ability. Once massaged, although it can not be completely cured, it plays a role. The time is long, and accordingly, the time to relieve the pain will be longer.

It is also known that it can be introduced. It can consume a good cervical vertebra to such an extent. The body must be in a sub-health state. It is also obvious that there are problems in the back and head. If it is not good, it is a big one. It is a pity.

Having said that, Meng Xue's neck quality is still very good, straight and slender, and there is looming abundance. The flow of the blood vessels under the neck is abundant. The carotid triangle and the base of the neck are perfect. The anterior rectus muscle, the lateral rectus muscle, and the neck length. Muscles, upper oblique muscles, under-body oblique muscles, etc., firm and without losing strength, maybe even resistance training, the trapezius muscle is especially beautiful, the muscle bundle is long and powerful, both functional and beautiful Sex is a bit stiff. Although the curvature of the neck bone has a slight change, but the base is excellent, a single vertebral body, a strong odontoid process, small and balanced spinous processes.

However, the concert is about to begin, and it is not a person who is not close to human feelings. It can't force people to massage. Therefore, Ling Ran is still awkward to return to his seat and wait for the opening of the concert.

“Do you know the people of this entertainment company?” The beautiful girl sitting on the left side of Lingran wants to say something more, and wants to explore the information.

Lingran nodded slightly and said: "There is a person who knows."

"Have you ever been to the TV?" The girl knocked on the side.

Lingran hesitated, his mother Tao Ping could not stand it, said: "My son is a doctor, what TV."

Lingran to look at my mother.

Tao Ping said: "I don't count when I was young. People mean to ask your work."The girl nodded blushing and said, "Auntie is really young."

At this time, the girl’s heart is already ebb and flow, and the happy one is going to fly.

Who can think that when I come to a concert, I can meet such a handsome boyfriend, and there is such a nice mother-in-law. When I say it to my friends later, I can also bring words like Meng Xue’s concert VIP seat. , romantic to burst.

"Dr. Ling, can you do a little more help?" Li Lei was rushing out of the hurry and his face was slightly nervous.

"Okay." Ling Ran did not ask the reason, looking for him is naturally for medical treatment, there is no need to let the other party speak out in the public.

Sitting on the left side of the girl, I watched as I left, only feeling the touch of his legs when he rubbed his knees.

"Isn't going to the background?" Ling Ran looked at the direction and asked Li Lei.

"There is an audience, I don't know how to fall over the face, on the second floor."

"Don't you have a doctor?" Ling Ran took a look at Li Lei.

"The other party asked to go to Yunhua Hospital and said that she has a long history. The doctor we arranged can't stop the blood now. I think you are the emergency department of Yunhua Hospital. " Li Lei said that she was a little nervous. After all, she still saw it. Less blood.

Ling Ran nodded to understand, in fact, she said that long-term medical history is understood, many patients are chronically ill, sent to unfamiliar hospitals, use inappropriate drugs, or take inappropriate first-aid measures, even if I don’t die on the spot, and I don’t feel happy afterwards. For example, a patient like Shao’s boss should consider the problem of liver and kidney damage when taking medicine, and the heart’s ability to withstand is also weak.

Ling Ran thought, while Li Lei went to the second VIP room on the second floor, and then saw someone lying on the sofa, is slowly bleeding, covering the face under the blood, still somewhat familiar.

"Shao boss? Why are you here?" Ling Ran only took two seconds to recognize each other.

Shao boss sucked and laughed: "Is the ambulance arrived? I am a little uncomfortable. I just came to see a concert. "

As I said, the colorful lights in the stadium suddenly burst into madness.

Germantown SlpW-939 - History

The city's track and field team is more willing, not to advertise, or foreign advertising, it is more attractive than money.

Although Brandon is just an unreliable UP owner from the UK, if you think of advertising as a political achievement, then change it a bit:

The free media person and doctor from the United Kingdom, Brandon, interviewed the discus player He Xiufang, who had just recovered from the city's track and field team, and praised the heroic and indomitable spirit of He Xiufang. It is reported that He Xiufang just held the National Track and Field Championships. In the middle, I won the bronze medal and created the best personal record.

From the grassroots to the top, the city track and field team sent He Xiufang back to the Center for Bone and Joint and Sports Medicine with a beautiful fantasy.

Spacious office and waiting room.

If you want to evaluate He Xiufang, the office building of the Bone Joint and Sports Medicine Center is much better than the track and field team.

However, He Xiufang does not like the atmosphere of the hospital at all.

"What are you going to ask me?" He Xiufang saw the blond Brandon and his attitude did not improve.

She is now training to improve, and she doesn't want to waste it at all.

However, the leaders of the track and field team have requirements, and He Xiufang is also unable to twist his thigh.

The bronze medal allowed her to stay in the track and field team, but there was no privilege.

Brandon is very accustomed to a variety of patients who do not cooperate, especially the uncooperative athletes, who have been the most exposed in recent years.

Brandon laughed a few times and said through translation: "I want to do some check-ups for you again. Don't worry, your Achilles tendon is very good. I just want to know some relevant situations. ”

"What is the situation?" He Xiufang's face is suspicious.

"The main thing is to further understand the recovery of your Achilles tendon, you can see it as a follow-up visit."

"Look at how the situation of your Achilles tendon has changed after such a period of time. If there is, it is to see if it is in a good direction or in a bad direction." Brandon bites accurately, very slowly. Talking about the English of London, it seems that He Xiufang can understand. Of course, this is quite friendly to the translation, and it gives the latter plenty of time to give an accurate interpretation.

Listening to him saying that He Xiufang’s attitude has changed slightly, he can’t help but ask: “Is it going in a bad direction?”

Brandon listened to the translation and glanced at the Chinese next to him. He smiled and said: "Anything may exist. I just propose a possibility. The specific situation, I want to do a series of inspections will be clear, then I want to do an NMR first, and then do some other checks depending on the situation, can I?"

"Oh. alright." He Xiufang hesitated and asked: "Is Dr. Ling there? I think he will show me."

Brandon smiled and asked, "Do you trust Dr. Ling more?"

"Of course." He Xiufang answered without hesitation.Although many patients feel that foreign doctors are reliable, after a surgical experience, He Xiufang has his own understanding of the doctor's level.

There are so many athletes who have undergone surgery in the track and field team, and there are many athletes who go abroad for surgery. However, the surgical effect can be so good for her, very few.

He Xiufang does not need to know what medicine is, just look at the surgical effects of the athletes around him, and then look at his own surgical results, you will know the gap between the two sides.

In particular, those athletes who were forced to retire after the operation of the Achilles tendon rupture were more strongly contrasted.

Brandon was a little surprised.

His British accent is actually very popular. He is attending a meeting in the United States or Australia. He speaks in the British language and is always easier to reassure patients and gain the trust of patients.

Not to mention the third world countries, the most frequent visit to India by Brandon, which clinic to go to, is more useful than local doctors.

However, Brandon will not be demeaning to other doctors.

"Ling Ran doctor may come later, I will arrange the check for you first. We will get the results later, and then consult Dr. Ling Ran?" Brandon explained in his usual language.

Xue Haochu, who was waiting for him, breathed a sigh of relief, and the translation was provided by the hospital. Xiaosheng told Ji Tianlu: "I am still worried that he will have a punk or rock-and-roll look. I didn't expect it to be serious."

"He is a British doctor. The relationship between doctors and patients is better than that of the United States." Ji Tianlu is a frequent traveler and has two ironic laughs. "You must know that once a doctor in Europe and America has incurred a lawsuit, it is not only possible to lose money. The main thing is that the premiums of insurance companies will increase."

"Ah, I haven't thought about this yet." Xue Haochu was quite surprised: "It seems that the capitalist doctors are not so mixed."

"No, he took this video, and then he was happy, and he didn't want to find trouble for himself." Ji Tianlu despised Brenton. Everyone changed his identity. He was at least several times higher than the other's achievements. However, Chinese doctors want to make a name for themselves, but they are much more difficult than British doctors.

Brandon personally took He Xiufang to the MRI room and then watched her do MRI.

He has already seen He Xiufang's previous videos, including X-ray, CT and magnetic resonance films, and read He Xiufang's medical records. The redo check is not only the decision of Brandon, but also the advice of his teacher.

Achilles tendon repair surgery can be done by a resident doctor, but in the field of sports medicine, Achilles tendon repair has always been a worrying operation.

Now with such a good case, Brandon and his teacher naturally want to know something. the real situation.

Brandon didn't even bring his mobile phone. He looked at He Xiufang into the MRI machine and looked at the feedback on the computer screen. Until the scan ended, he read it directly on the computer.

This is also the best way to read."Recovery is good." Ling Ran took the time, came downstairs, and gave himself a praise.

He Xiufang is his patient. Foreigners want to see the doctor, but also to inform him of the specific situation.

From the image point of view, He Xiufang's recovery is not bad.

"I will take another look." Brandon was full of surprises.

He can see that there are no signs of surgery on the magnetic resonance film, and he can also see the good condition of the Achilles tendon recovery. good surprise!

"He just participated in a game?" Brandon didn't know who was asking, he asked.

Ling Ran has always ignored this non-directional problem.

Xue Haochu stood up and smiled and replied: "The national track and field championships that He Xiufang just said, as far as I know, are relatively high-level track and field competitions in China."

"So the intensity is also great?"

"If this is the case, her resilience will be very good." Brandon did not talk about medical treatment, but first talked from the patient's own resilience.

Xue Haochu smiled slightly and did not comment.

Ji Tianlu took a look at Ling Lian and decided to give him a field. He said: "Liao Ran did a menstrual repair of four athletes at one time, not counting Liu Weichen's, the magnetic resonance of the other three athletes with He Xiufang. The film should be able to be called out. They just came back a few days ago."

Under his direction, the doctor of the imaging department pulled the information out.

Brandon bent down and his nose was swaying and reading.

He is also a medical doctor who has been trained for many years. Although he is not able to be seen by Ji Tianlu or Zhu Tongyi, he is also a clinician who has been a doctor for many years. His basic ability is not bad at all.

Looking at it, Brandon was silently convinced.

The four patients, the surgical situation is almost exactly the same stability, only this point, it is very rare, not to mention, the results of the surgery of the four people are unusually good.

It’s just that the other three people have no health and training, and He Xiufang has worked hard.

A junior treasure chest quietly fell in front of Lingran.

"Admiration of the peers", quietly reminded Ling Ran: the opposite is stunned.

Ling Ran slightly lifted his chin and went to the Bone Joint and Sports Medicine Center. His treasure chest accumulation stopped, and only 31 of them had just been acquired.

He originally wanted to get the integer 40 and open it again.

After all, from the history of the treasure chest, ten open, twenty open have good skills to get, if it doubles and then doubled, it is more reasonable to make up 40.

And it is the prime number ranked 11th.

11 is also a prime number.

And it is the prime number ranked fifth.

5 is also a prime number, ranked third, 3, no doubt is also a prime number, ranked second, 2 is also a prime number!

The prime number 5 is connected!

And it is a prime number 5.

"System, open the box, open it all." Ling Ran thought of this, the mood is very comfortable.

Read “ Great Doctor Ling Ran ”

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As the Indians were declining in Maryland, more Europeans arrived. The first settler in what would become Germantown was George Buchanan, probably an Englishman or Scot. In 1732, he received a large parcel of land from Lord Baltimore that he named "Chestnut Ridge," located in an area that today includes the MARC Train station. This land was eventually subdivided through sale and inheritance of smaller lots.

The first major influx of Germans into our area occurred from 1835-1850. Those not arriving directly from Germany were typically from Pennsylvania, which had a large German immigrant population. Among the first Germans to settle in our area was Jacob Snyder, who brought his family from Germany in 1832. Initially they lived in the Middlebrook area, and Jacob worked as a tree trimmer in the local orchards. One day, while traveling to Darnestown through thick forest and swampy terrain, he emerged at Clopper Road (then McCubbin Road) and beheld a beautiful, sunny hill.

He fell in love with the spot and decided to purchase the land and build his home there. His sons helped to build the road between Neelsville and Darnestown that we now know as Rt. 118. (Back then, the stretch between Clopper Road and the railroad ran along what is today Liberty Mill Road. It was moved in the past 10 years or so.) Shops, many owned by Germans, soon appeared at the intersection of Rt. 118 and Clopper Road, and Germantown was born.

Other "first German families" to arrive in Germantown include the Richters, Metz's, and Stangs, some of which are memorialized in the names of streets built on or near their farms.

In 1873, the B&O Railroad came to Germantown and a station was built near Mateny Hill Road, where a more recent station sits today, about 1 ½ miles from the Rt. 118-Clopper Road epicenter of Germantown (see image of Germantown Town Center old and new). As a result, Germantown businesses moved to that location, leaving behind the former town center that became known as "Old Germantown."

The railroad allowed Germantown to obtain goods and services from far away and was crucial to getting the town on a fast track to further development and modernization. The nearby village of Hyattstown was skirted by the railroad and today remains largely unchanged since it was first laid out 200 years ago (to the delight of many).

Clopper Road would have one more claim to fame a century later. As Bill Danoff and his wife Taffy Nivert were driving down that picturesque road in the early 1970s (Taffy driving), Bill was moved to strum some chords on his guitar and sing the simple phrase, "Country roads, country roads, country roads…." This was the nucleus of a song that he, Taffy, and John Denver later co-wrote, and that would become loved the world over, "Country Roads."

Acknowledgements: Susan Soderberg's "A History of Germantown," was extremely helpful. Other sources include:

Catoctin Mountain Park, A Historic Resource Study (Edmund F. Wehrle), .

Glory, Death, And Transfiguration: The Susquehannock Indians In The Seventeenth Century (Francis Jennings), .

Germantown's History -- A Brief Overview (Germantown Historical Society), .

Bill Danoff, personal communication.

This column is dedicated to my 10-grade English teacher, Patricia A. Connors, whose patience, creativity, and sunny nature brought life to the class everyday.


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The Story of Charley Ross

Two men coerced Charley and his brother Walter into their wagon, in front of the Ross family's mansion. Graphic from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

On July 1, 1874 two little boys were abducted in front of their family's mansion. It was the first kidnapping for ransom in the history of the United States, and would be the major event of its kind until the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.

The boys were named Charley and Walter Ross they were 4 and 6 years old. The two men who kidnapped them had given the boys candy on previous occasions, but one day the men told the boys to climb into their buggy and promised to buy them firecrackers. The boys boarded and they drove off into the city. Charley would never be seen again.

As they drove farther away, Charley wanted to go home and began to cry. The men stopped in front of a store and gave Walter 25 cents. He entered the store and started choosing firecrackers, while the men drove away with Charley.

Today the Cliveden Presbyterian Church stands on the site of the kidnapping. The Ross mansion was torn down in 1926.

The boys' father, Christian K. Ross, thought the boys were playing in a neighbor's yard. But soon a neighbor told him that she saw the boys traveling in a buggy. The father began the search for his son that he would continue until his death in 1897. He didn't tell his wife, who was recovering from an illness in Atlantic City, but two days later, she found out when he began advertising in the newspapers for his sons' return. A stranger found Walter and returned him to his father.

Drawing of Charley used on a wanted poster
Alas, Charley was never found

Two days after that, the father received a crude note, saying that Charley would be released for a sum of money. On July 7, came another note demanding $20,000 and instructing the boy's father how to go about paying the kidnappers. The father tried to follow the instructions as best he could but never contacted the kidnappers.

Later that year, police were investigating the kidnapping of a Vanderbilt child and found a ransom note in that case that matched closely the one for Charley Ross. They identified the handwriting as fugitive convict William Mosher's. Mosher was killed during a burglary in Brooklyn, but his partner Joseph Douglas identified Mosher as the kidnapper of Charley Ross. Douglas died insisting that only Mosher had known where Charley was being held. Douglas also said that Charley would be returned safely in a few days. He never was, and the father spent $60,000 in his futile search. Imposters came forward in the years afterward claiming to be the missing boy. Each was disproved. Charley's father died in 1897, his mother in 1912. Walter Ross died in 1943. The Ross mansion was torn down in 1926. The Cliveden Presbyterian Church now stands on the site of the kidnapping.

The First Ransom Note for the Return of Charley Ross
(Spellings as they appeared in the original)

July 3
Mr. Ross- be not uneasy you son charly bruster he al writ we as got him and no powers on earth can deliver out of our hand. You wil hav two pay us befor you git him from us. an pay us a big cent to. if you put the cops hunting for him yu is only defeeting yu own end. we is got him fitt so no living power can gits him from us a live. if any aproch is maid to his hidin place that is the signil for his instant anihilation. if yu regard his lif puts no one to search for him you money can fech him out alive an no other existin powers don't deceve yuself and think the detectives can git him from us for that is one imposebel
yu here from us in few day

Germantown, Tennessee

The City began in 1833 as the hamlet of Pea Ridge, was renamed Germantown in 1836 and incorporated in 1841. The City of Germantown now includes the site of historic Nashoba Plantation. Union troops occupied the town during the Civil War. Yellow Fever decimated the population in the 1870's. The City's name temporarily changed to Neshoba during World War I.

Erected 1986 by The City of Germantown and Shelby County Historical Commission.

Topics. This historical marker is listed in these topic lists: Settlements & Settlers &bull War, US Civil. A significant historical year for this entry is 1833.

Location. 35° 5.216′ N, 89° 48.642′ W. Marker is in Germantown, Tennessee, in Shelby County. Marker is at the intersection of South Germantown Road and 2nd Street, on the right when traveling south on South Germantown Road. The marker is located on the grounds of the Germantown Visitor Center and former depot. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Germantown TN 38138, United States of America. Touch for directions.

Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within 2 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. War Comes to Germantown (within shouting distance of this marker) Confederate Germantown (within shouting distance of this marker) Germantown Cemetery (approx. 0.2 miles away) Fortunate Survivor (approx. 0.2 miles away) Neshoba Junior High School

Germantown / The Harmonie Club

The Harmonie Club. Detroit's oldest musical association, The Harmonie Society, was founded in 1849 by German immigrants who wished to meet and sing Lieder (German art songs). The society's first building, Harmonie Hall, was constructed in 1874 at the corner of Lafayette Avenue abd Beaubien Street. The hall burned in 1893 and the present Harmonie Club was erected in 1895. Designed by German-American architect Richard E. Raseman, the Beaux Arts structure was a Germantown landmark. Although organized and operated by Germans, the club hosted gatherings of peple from many ethnic groups. It became one of Detroit's most prestigious organizations. The Harmonie Club is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Harmonie Club Detroit's oldest musical association, The Harmonie Society, was founded in 1849 by German immigrants who wished to meet and sing Lieder (German art songs). The society's first building, Harmonie Hall, was constructed in 1874 at the corner of Lafayette Avenue abd Beaubien Street. The hall burned in 1893 and the present Harmonie Club was erected in 1895. Designed by German-American architect Richard E. Raseman, the Beaux Arts structure was a Germantown landmark. Although organized and operated by Germans, the club hosted gatherings of peple from many ethnic

groups. It became one of Detroit's most prestigious organizations. The Harmonie Club is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Erected 2001 by German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Michigan Chapter. (Marker Number S0473.)

Topics and series. This historical marker is listed in these topic lists: Parks & Recreational Areas &bull Settlements & Settlers. In addition, it is included in the Michigan Historical Commission series list. A significant historical year for this entry is 1880.

Location. 42° 20.166′ N, 83° 2.778′ W. Marker is in Detroit, Michigan, in Wayne County. Marker is at the intersection of East Grand River Avenue and Centre Street, on the left when traveling south on East Grand River Avenue. Touch for map. Marker is at or near this postal address: 267 E Grand River Ave, Detroit MI 48226, United States of America. Touch for directions.

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Germantown, historic residential section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., extending for more than a mile along Germantown Avenue (formerly High Street). The site was first settled by German Pietists led by Francis Daniel Pastorius in 1683, and the development of handicraft industries (weaving, tanning, and wagon building) led to prosperity. There William Rittenhouse built (1690) the first paper mill in the British colonies Christopher Sower and his son established one of the colonies’ largest printing presses (1738) and printed America’s first European-language Bible (1743) and Jacob Bey, an employee of Sower, was the first colonial manufacturer of printed type. On October 4, 1777, George Washington’s Continental Army unsuccessfully fought the Battle of Germantown in an effort to break the defenses of British-occupied Philadelphia.

Much of Germantown’s rich architectural heritage has been preserved. Noteworthy houses include Cliveden (1763–67 see photograph ), which was planned by the jurist Benjamin Chew Grumblethorpe (1744) Deshler-Morris House (1772–73), the home of President George Washington in the summers of 1793 and 1794 Wyck (1690) and Upsala (1798). Incorporated in 1689, Germantown was a separate borough before being annexed by Philadelphia in 1854.

‘Germantown ArtHaus’: Local Woman Transforming Historic Building In Germantown Into Creative Hub For Local Artists

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A transformation is underway at one well-known spot in Germantown. The project is meant to respect the past and become a beacon of light for the future.

Like many good renovation projects, this one starts with demolition all the way down to the studs. But come the fall, this 120-year-old victorian along Germantown Avenue will be transformed.

“This is going to be the Germantown ArtHaus,” owner Keisha Whatley said.

Whatley is visualizing how the first floor will become a cafe and local space for artists.

“Artists painting in the windows, children sitting in our children’s corner, just a real kinda creative hub in the Germantown neighborhood,” Whatley said.

Including three artist studios upstairs and on the third floor a studio apartment with a rooftop deck.

“Creating spaces that inspire people and empower people,” Whatley said.

Just as the previous owners did for decades. The Germantown ArtHaus will be located in the former Swain’s Printing & Accounting shop belonging to William and Ena Swain, a prominent black family in Philadelphia.

“He was the first African-American to receive the union bug, which is a prestigious award from the Philadelphia Printers’ Union. She was the first African-American accountant at a huge brewery in Philadelphia.

What they left behind is now inspiring what’s now to come.

“It’s just mind-blowing, the way this building became a time capsule,” Whatley said.

Whatley, an artist herself with a design company, is breathing new life into some of their old furniture and equipment. Like some printing presses.

“Our idea is to turn these into bartop tables for the cafe. We have an old typewriter where the ‘click, click, click,'” Whatley said.

And framed on the wall, a found collection of the Germantown Gazette from 1885.

The walls outside won’t be overlooked either.

“When you drive up, it is covered in art and color,” Whatley said.

Two giant murals will complete the project, with themes of social justice reform and hope for a brighter future. This will become a gateway to Germantown, and empower the next generation.

“That we begin to own our history and own property, and having a space where you can come in and kind of really relax and see something new, and get inspired,” Whatley said.

There’s still a ton of structural work, not to mention the renovations that need to happen before the Germantown ArtHaus can open in the fall. So the business has set up GoFundMe, hoping to raise $150,000. For more information on how to help, click here.

Watch the video: Moving to Germantown, MD: All You Need to Know